Fotografía de Tasneem Miqdady
Ingeniería | Granada

Tasneem Miqdady

Universidad de Granada


Ingeniería Civil.

Grupo de investigación


Sobre mí

Tasneem Miqdady is a Civil Engineer from Jordan University of Science and Technology. PhD student in Civil Engineering, University of Granada. Researcher in TRYSE Research Group. She has two published paper in traffic safety. She is now working on Connected & Automated vehicles (CAV’s) effect on traffic in TRANSEVAL project. She worked as a teacher assistant of civil engineering in Jordan University of Science and Technology, and as a teacher of road and surveying engineering in Luminus Technical University College. Reviewer for MDPI Journals. Member of Jordan Engineers Association.

Líneas de investigación

Traffic safety, Transportation Planning and Management

Resultados destacables

Studying the evolution of connected and automated vehicles and their behavior


From my teacher: Rocío de Oña López. It is my first time here.

Deseo científico

Justice in investigation support for developing countries.

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