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Tanja Armenski


Faculty of Sciences, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management

Sobre mí

Assistant professor at the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel management, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. Her research area are consumer behavior and marketing research in tourism with a special focus on destination loyalty, tourism satisfaction, and destination image and destination competitiveness. Email:

Líneas de investigación

Destination loyalty, satisfaction, destination image and branding, destination competitiveness as well as cross cultural studies in consumer behavior in general.

Resultados destacables

Perception of Serbian image as a tourist destination does not directly affect theassessment of overall satisfaction with the travel experience. According to the findings of my PhD thesis Serbia was perceived as acheap tourism destination with an interesting natural and cultural attractions. Among all attractions foreigners show the highest satisfaction with activities and events in the destination. Further results show that destination image is a direct positive predictor of the tourist’s intention to recommend Serbia as a tourist destination while the attributive satisfaction is the best predictor of tourist’s intention to revisit Serbia and torecommend Serbia to other potential visitors. This relationship can be theoretically justified because Serbiadoes not have clear, strong and recognizable image on the international tourism market so satisfaction withpersonal travel experience plays the most important role in the creation of destination loyalty especially within the first time visitors.

Deseo científico

My science desire for each young researcher is to find passion for their work and love for science and scientific research.To strive to achieve excellence rather than admiring mediocrity and never to give up on their work. Finally, share your research ideas as sharing is caring for academic community and further development of new knowledge.

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