Fotografía de Simin Anvari
Ingeniería | Jaén

Simin Anvari

Universidad de Jaén


Department of Electrical Engineering

Grupo de investigación

Electrical technology

Sobre mí

Simin Anvari is Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer (Energy conversion), by the Urmia University, Iran. Currently, she is working as a Maria Zambrano Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Jaén conducting research on Reffect-Africa project in the areas of modeling biomass gasification in CHP cycles and LCA analysis.

Líneas de investigación

Modeling CHP/CCHP systems, renewable energy technologies (particularly biomass gasification), and energy system analysis and optimization (including Energy, Exergy, Techno-economic, and LCA).

Resultados destacables

Participated in research projects at international universities as a visiting researcher and as a postdoctoral researcher. Over 600 citations and 12 h-index in 19 papers published in international journals of high impact.


In recognition of the importance of sustainable energy production for humanity and the planet, I pursued a career in clean energy production systems based on renewable resources.

Deseo científico

Enhance sustainability

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