Fotografía de Sena Coşğun Kandal

Sena Coşğun Kandal


Social Science Education
Erzincan University

Grupo de investigación

Social ScienceEducation, Academicians.

Sobre mí

I am Sena from Turkey. I graduated from 9 EylülUniversity in İzmir. I am graduated from master degree of HistoryEducation Program and phddegreefromSocial ScienceEducationprogram. I’m working Erzincan University and workingonformy post doctoral programwhichisincludinghistory of social scienceeducation in TurkeyRepublic and theOttomanEmpire.

Líneas de investigación

History of Education in Turkeyand the Ottoman Empire.

Resultados destacables

We should consider history of education as well as history of educational philosophy. Because these topics will make us a better educator and enable us an opportunityt oidentify what works and what does not work.


Science is powerful. It can pavetheway of a better world for all of us. I want to be a part of this world.

Deseo científico

To understand history and humanity.

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