Fotografía de Rustu Efe Deger
Agricultura | Córdoba

Rustu Efe Deger

Universidad de Córdoba


DAUCO, UCOLIVO / Olive Tree Physiology

Grupo de investigación


Sobre mí

After fulfilling my Agricultural Engineering degree with honors in the 2011-2012 academic year, I started my master’s degree in the Sustainable Agriculture program of the CHIEAM organization in Crete, Greece. I worked as a research assistant in the Ege University Department of Horticultural Sciences from 2013 until 2021. This position and previous scholarships I obtained before, such as DAAD from Germany (internship) and CHIEAM Greece, allowed me to participate in several different lines from field crops to post-harvest physiology of horticultural crops and helped me to build an intellectual background in science. Currently, I am doing my Ph.D. on olive tree dormancy, floral induction, and chilling requirements of varieties, which is supported by the International Olive Council.

Líneas de investigación

Chilling and dormancy relation in olive tree
Genetic and epigenetic regulation of flowering
Building dynamic numerical model

Resultados destacables

Developing an internationally available dynamic numerical model to predict olive tree adaptation in different areas and future climatic crises.


I’ve started to interest in science in 2008 while I was participating in different experiments as a student during my free time at college. Being involved in scientific studies triggers creativity in people, makes you learn something new every day, and allows you to solve many problems along with them. I find them quite addictive.

Deseo científico

I hope what we are doing today is helping the next generations continue their lives in a more sustainable and enjoyable world

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