Fotografía de Milen Petrov

Milen Petrov


Department of Software Engineering
Sofia University (Bulgaria)

Grupo de investigación

Research and Development of Software, Technology-enhanced learning (eLearning)

Sobre mí

Assoc. Prof.MilenPetrov is Vice-Dean of Educational Affairs – master degree, director of mater program in Security in Computer Systems and Newtorks, and assoc. Prof.In Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University (Bulgaria).

Líneas de investigación

Informatics and Computer Science

Resultados destacables

Under my supervision are created several dozens of software tools that supports e-learning of students in software engineering and computer science field.


In the era of easy accessible resources in global network – both static resources, software and services it is hard to find what is valuable and what is let say it correct ‘out-of-date’. Nowadays each should be a little bit of scientist and researcher to be able to survive in the online jungle.

Deseo científico

Create state-of-the-art software,that keep high performance of students in computer science and software engineering. Working in network programming, software services and e-learning tools and platforms.

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