Fotografía de Katharina Theresa Scheidt
Ciencias de la Tierra | Córdoba

Katharina Theresa Scheidt

Universidad de Córdoba



Grupo de investigación

Dinámica Fluid e Hidrología

Sobre mí

I graduated in Applied and Engineering Physics at the Technical University of Munich in Germany with focus on 3D X-ray computed tomography of biological soft-tissues. Due to my deep interest in climate change and physical processes of the Earth’s system I decided to change my research field and started a second master degree in Geophysics at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark where my research focus was on modeling past surface temperatures from climate proxies trapped in ancient ice.
I recently started my PhD at University of Córdoba with the goal of quantifying the link between snow cover changes and water resources in mountain areas in Mediterranean regions such as the Sierra Nevada.

Líneas de investigación

Earth observation and hydrology in mountain areas in Mediterranean regions

Resultados destacables

The development of a staining protocol for the 3D high-resolution visualization of articular cartilage with X-ray computed tomography

Modeling past surface temperatures in Greenland from stable nitrogen isotopes enclosed in gas bubbles in ancient ice


I have always been curious about natural science and have the desire to investigate and learn more about physical processes of the Earth’s system.

Deseo científico

I hope that my research will help to better understand and predict consequences of climate change.

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