Fotografía de Jelena Franjković

Jelena Franjković


Department of Marketing
J.J. StrossmayerUniversity of Osijek; Faculty of Economics in Osijek

Grupo de investigación

Marketing, pricing, retail, business logistics, supply chain management

Sobre mí

Jelena Franjković is full-time employed at Faculty of Economics in Osijek, J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek as a teaching and research assistant at the courses: Business logistics, Supply chain management, Retail logistics, International business and logistics, Retail marketing and Category Management. Previously she had worked in export department in the factory of chocolate and candies Kanditd.o.o.
She is currently studying at the post graduate study “Marketing of special areas” and at the doctoral study “Management” in Social Sciences in the field of Economics at Faculty of Economics in Osijek.
She speaks English and uses Ms Office and SPSS.She is a member of Organizational committee of international scientific conference “Business Logistics in Modern Management”.
She has published 6 scientific papers in journals and conference proceedings and 1 extended abstract.

Líneas de investigación

Retail pricing and retailers’ price image

Resultados destacables

Considering thateveryone is daily surrounded with retail and prices, everyone has an opinion about prices. Because of the large number of products offered in retail stores, consumers can’t remember all the prices. They memorize prices of some products that are most important to them and usually they can’t say the exact price but they can say at which retailer they think the same product is more cheap or expensive. That is the price image – the overall level of prices. It is a long-term characteristic of retailer built upon price and non-price factors. In my research price dimensions of price image were conducted, given the frequency of consumers’ shopping at retailer (the most often and the rarest shopping, but at least once in a few months). Results suggest that different dimensions of price image have statistically significant impact on consumers’ buying intentions, but most important in both cases is value for money. Consumers don’t like and don’t want to be deceived.


Science is pushing the limits of researchers and mankind in general. Rethinking of already discovered things and discovering the new ones. I believe that curiosity is the most important driver of researcher’s work, so that is also the reason why am I researching. It is a good feeling to discover and conclude something new, especially if it can help someone in any way. Furtherly, meeting new people, scientists with their own curiosity and extraordinary ideas truly motivates me for future research.

Deseo científico

My scientific desire is to upgrade that desire continuously or even change the focus of it periodically. Since I want to enjoy while researching, it means I want to research what is most interesting to me at a certain point of time, and what has a positive influence on me and society. At this moment, I desire to found out how the price image is formed, what has the largest impact on it and how it affects consumers’ buying habits.

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