Fotografía de Irene de la Obra Jiménez
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Irene de la Obra Jiménez


Engineering department

Grupo de investigación

BIO-173. Bioprocess engineering and water technology

Sobre mí

I’m chemical engineering from the University of Granada. I did an Erasmus scholarship at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France) for 1 year. Then I realized the master of industrial biotechnology at the University of Almeria and as a result I got a contract as a researcher at the University of Almería in the group Bioprocess and water technology. Currently I begin a doctorate in the same branch.

Líneas de investigación

Doctorate in bioprocesses

Resultados destacables

Photo- Fenton of neutral pH in Raceway reactors to different water heights and with different dosages of Fe.


I discovered the science through my high school chemistry teacher. She was who taught me chemistry and I like chemistry because of it. This is the reason because I decided to choose a degree in science. I studied chemical engineering. I love my degree and It’s for that reason that I continue studying and now I’ve got a scholarship for do the doctorate in the University of Almería.

Deseo científico

I want to continue researching for many years

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