Fotografía de Gemma Merino Espinosa

Gemma Merino Espinosa


Department of Parasitology. University of Granada (Spain)

Grupo de investigación

BIO 176: Leishmaniasis and other parasitic zoonoses

Sobre mí

I studied Biology at the University of Granada and later I did a Master of Biotechnology (UGR). Currently I am doing a thesis about Leishmania tropica, their vectors and potential reservoirs.

Líneas de investigación

Epidemiology of leishmaniasis, search for new drugs, development of new diagnostic methods.

Resultados destacables

The rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) could constitute a reservoir of Leishmania infantum in our country.
Development of a PCR-RFLP which identifies the mitochondrial lineages of Phlebotomus sergenti in Spain. I am
currently engaged in the development of a new diagnostic technique to differentiate between the 3 species of
Leishmania responsible for cutaneous leishmaniasis.


I am a biologist at heart, I have always had a passion for biology work in a laboratory and also for parasitology. Now I am a PhD student who loves her job.

Deseo científico

More and better funding to encourage national research because we are lots of people who want work in scientific research because we want a better world.

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