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Deniz Zeren


Business Administration (Marketing)

Sobre mí

Deniz Zeren is currently an assistant professor of marketing at Cukurova University, located in Adana, Turkey. She obtained her doctorate degree in Marketing from Cukurova University in 2010. Her teaching and research interests lie in the fields of consumer behaviour, marketing research, advertising and innovation marketing.

Líneas de investigación

Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Advertising, Marketing Innovation

Resultados destacables

Marketers should not be hesitant to target the mature market in Turkey, as there is much unlocked potential.
Manufacturers can benefit from keeping older product options available because older and mature consumers often remain attached to options that they have been using for a long time and may be less willing to try or buy new products.
Since results showed that affective and hedonic factors are important, managers must consider their messages directed on mature consumer emotions. Advertising efforts should emphasizing psychological age rather than the chronological age. When advertising is used, older adults should be properly characterized. Group conformity and age appropriateness in product or brand use should be emphasized.
Special promotions involving price reductions and advertising that stimulate word-of-mouth communication should be used for healthy indulgers, since the advice of other people their age and the advice of spouses and other relatives were found to be especially persuasive with this segment.


Research is exciting, inspiring and challenging at the same time. Research offers a journey, you can never know what to expect exactly. This is what I love about it most.

Deseo científico

I would like to work as a team member in a culturally diverse marketing research team in the future.

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