Fotografía de Ana Trusić

Ana Trusić


Department of Management, Organisation and Entrepreneurship

Grupo de investigación

Organisation and Management

Sobre mí

Ana Trusić was born on September 30, 1989 in Osijek. After elementary school she attends the Jesuit Classical Gymnasiumin Osijek, after which she enrolls in the Faculty of Economics in Osijek. In 2013 she getsMaster’s degree for Economics and in 2014 she becomes Teaching and Research Assistant at the Department of Economics and Business Management of Faculty of Economics in Osijek. The same year she enrolls in postgraduate doctoral study in Management. She teaches 5 courses (Intro to Organisation, SME’s Organisation, Time Management, Organisational Design and Organisational Behavior). In co-authorship she has published several scientific and professional papers.

Líneas de investigación

Absenteeism (“Can frequent absenteeism predict employee’s turnover?”)

Resultados destacables

Common employees’ absenteeism predicts their turnover intention.


Science is an opportunity for improving life standard of all society. It allows commitment to something greater than one’s own personal goals and needs which creates the sense of usefulness. Each scientific question comes from pure curiosity that permits every adult to stay child. Although often is very complex, confusing, unpredictable and ambiguous, science constantly intrigues us and force us to keep digging. Researching human behavior will always be attractive due humans’ dynamic nature. In spite of all advanced researches in other fields, computers and machines will never be able to replace humans’ brain in a way of creativity. Therefore, each employee is priceless treasure for an organisation that should be kept, shaped, motivated and ultimately made loyal. A unique formula for managing people will never exist because every system, just like every human is unique. However, this does not impose quitting researching, but finding more specific approaches and ways of managing each individual.

Deseo científico

World trendshave created specific circumstances in whole Europe but especially negative impacts in Eastern Europe. As never before, Croatia records an enormous emigration of young people in particular from Eastern Croatia. Organisations are struggling with a lack of workforce while Croatian youth literally flees in other countries. Although it is mainly macroeconomic problem, the young ones are not aware of the situation in other part of Europe that is also not enviable but any motion for them seems to be a salvage sling. The vast majority of them testified similar poor economies and working conditions in other countries but once they left, it is harder to pull them back. That is why employee retention policy must be more fundamental and decisive and make the key steps in the right time. Increasingly frequent job absences indicates turnover intention which must be stopped on time. This is why desire is to help domestic organisations in keeping their employees in their organisation and our country.

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