Fotografía de Ali Saleh
Ingeniería | Granada

Ali Saleh


Department of Civil Engineering

Grupo de investigación

iPM Lab

Sobre mí

I’m a Lebanese mechanical engineer born in 1996. I graduated from Beirut Arab University in Lebanon with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Then, I did my Master’s degree in Thermofluids Mechanical Engineering at the American University of Beirut. My main focus was on computational fluid dynamics, as I was working on developing turbulence models adequate for atmospheric boundary layer flows. Now, I’m doing my Ph.D. at the University of Granada as part of the «H2020 – ENHAnCE» project. The goal of my thesis is to develop a prognostics-based self-adaptive expert system for smart composite structures.

Líneas de investigación

Civil Engineering

Resultados destacables

The development of an expert Petri net model by using Reinforcement learning


I have just liked research since I was young, and I like discovering new technologies.

Deseo científico

Try to achieve sustainable development although it is a difficult goal

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