Fotografía de Adnan Asad Karim
Química | Jaén

Adnan Asad Karim

Universidad de Jaén


Department of Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering

Grupo de investigación


Sobre mí

I am a chemistry graduate and hold a master’s degree in environmental science and a doctoral degree in biological science. I have been pursuing research on the development of sustainable (environmentally friendly) processes for the conversion of waste materials (specifically biomass) into high-value products. I am currently working as a European Union – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the Universidad de Jaén, Spain.

Líneas de investigación

Process development for bioproducts production

Resultados destacables

Biomass can be used for production of fertilizers, soild fuel, liquid fuels and other bioproducts


During my graduation studies, I learned about the potential of biomass waste for the production of many bioproducts, such as fuels, biopolymers, and biochemicals. The use of bioproducts will reduce the consumption of harmful synthetic products and protect the environment. These facts motivated me to pursue a research career to develop green processes for the production of bioproducts from waste biomass.

Deseo científico

World wide development and expansion of biorefineries

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