Ayse Müge Bozdayi


Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

Grupo de investigación

Environmental Psychology
Space and Culture
Space and Idendity
Contemporary Interiors

Resultados destacables

Since the study of food, eating, and culinary institutions became a burgeoning subfield of sociological and anthropological research in recent years. Restaurants designed, concretizing individual’s imagination provides emotional diversity apart from the daily life and evokes excitement, pleasure and comfort which are beneficial issues used in the marketing and management.


Dining places where people are in an effort to introduce themselves in a social environment as a premium the materialistic world serving as a junction regarding entertainment, style and fashion where fluxing social factors and contemporary issues are observed. In this context contemporary restaurant samples have been examined in Ankara through the information obtained mentioned above.

Deseo científico

I wish this study can provide a spatial perspective to the field marketing and management.

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